My New Love!

I have always used and owned petrol powered type lawn mowers. I didn’t believe that electric powered mowers were up to the job. My opinion on them has somewhat changed. I am still not really a big fan of the Corded electric lawn mowers. The cord makes them so restrictive and I like my freedom when it comes to working in the garden.

Cordless types however are a whole different kettle of fish. They provide the freedom of petrol lawn mowers as they do not restrict you from moving where you want. They are just as powerful as petrol powered types and require less maintenance. Advances in technology means that the battery in cordless types last much longer and is enough for most domestic lawns.

What I really like about them though is how quiet they are while in operation. Where I live the neighbours are a bit up tight and make a fuss about too much noise depending on the time of day. Electric powered mowers hardly make any noise in comparison with petrols so they are perfect for my situation.

I also really like how light and robust electric mowers are compared to my petrol mowers. They go where you want them to go. Not to mention they are great for the environment! I don’t think I will be buying another petrol mower again. Truly converted! Electric mowers are the way forward.

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Traveling in general can be a long, dull, stressful ordeal. Adding in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of extra people crammed airports, bus terminals, and train stations during the holiday season on top of the normal challenges, can make it completely overwhelming. There are steps that you can take to make it easier on you while traveling to visit relatives or just get away on a vacation.

The first thing a smart holiday traveler needs to take into account is the extra number of people traveling. Regardless of whether you’re driving or flying to your destination, odds are that there are several hundred other people heading to the same place you are. Extra traffic on the roads means, what is normally a three-hour drive, might take four hours. The extra people crowding the airport probably will make everything from checking in to going through the airport security screening process a longer process. A good rule of thumb is to figure out how long you think it will take, and then add 25 to 50 percent additional travel time and even more to the time it will take at an airport. For example, if it would normally take you four hours to drive from Grand Rapids Michigan to the Upper Peninsula for your Labor Day camping trip, it is a good idea to add an hour to account for the extra traffic in the cities you drive through and at the Mackinaw Bridge.

The other thing a holiday traveler needs to account for is the weather. Obviously, a flight from Los Angeles to Miami probably won’t have to deal with snow. However, if you are planning on flying into or out of New York, Chicago, or another northern city in the winter, there is a chance of weather delays. Smart travelers plan extra travel time for these possible delays.

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Studying tips from my experiences as a student XD

Studying… Is an act that many people will be familiar with and accustomed to. Most of us go through at least 15 years of pure studying in our lives, from primary school through to high school to university. So why is it that some of us do really well in this aspect of life whilst others seem to only just scrape through? There are multiple reasons: interest, laziness…… and the reason which I want to focus on today – the METHOD OF STUDYING!

When it comes to studying, quality does overpower quantity. This means its not how much time you spend studying a certain subject, but it’s how you bring yourself to studying it which matters. Of course, the amount of time you spend studying is still important, for most of us, spending 5 minutes revising and then expecting an A* in a subject is virtually impossible. But with the right method used, we can save a lot of excess study time.

Therefore today, I’d like to share a study tip which one of my primary school teachers taught me, and which have stuck with me ever since. This method applies more to subjects which have tons of theory though thus for subjects like Maths, it will not be of much use. Also, I don’t actually know the name of this method, so lets just call it RUST – Repetitive Useful Studying Tip.

When you’ve just attended a lesson or lecture that day which went over some theory in your textbook, you…

Go through the theory covered that night when you go home, make sure you read it slowly and thoroughly, but don’t force your brain to take itall the details.

Go through the theory again the next day, reading it slowly and thoroughly still.

Go through the theory again the next week, reading it, but not spending as much time as you would the first 2 time. Then go through the same theory every week for about 3-4 weeks

Go through the theory once a month and do it for a few months. Since you’ve read the theory quite a few times before, skimming through it will do the trick, although make sure you’re still reading the important words.

Lastly when exam is round the corner, make sure to revise the theory a few more times. But because by then you should be extremely familiar with it, you won’t need to spend too much time studying and attempting to cram all the information in.

Another thing I found useful when revising is bullet-pointing my important notes – so that I’m focusing on what is important, rather than just studying aimlessly.
This method may not work for everyone and will not appeal to those who don’t fancy continuous studying, but I’ve found that it works really well for me and I hope that someone out there will find this useful too.

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