My New Love!

I have always used and owned petrol powered type lawn mowers. I didn’t believe that electric powered mowers were up to the job. My opinion on them has somewhat changed. I am still not really a big fan of the Corded electric lawn mowers. The cord makes them so restrictive and I like my freedom when it comes to working in the garden.

Cordless types however are a whole different kettle of fish. They provide the freedom of petrol lawn mowers as they do not restrict you from moving where you want. They are just as powerful as petrol powered types and require less maintenance. Advances in technology means that the battery in cordless types last much longer and is enough for most domestic lawns.

What I really like about them though is how quiet they are while in operation. Where I live the neighbours are a bit up tight and make a fuss about too much noise depending on the time of day. Electric powered mowers hardly make any noise in comparison with petrols so they are perfect for my situation.

I also really like how light and robust electric mowers are compared to my petrol mowers. They go where you want them to go. Not to mention they are great for the environment! I don’t think I will be buying another petrol mower again. Truly converted! Electric mowers are the way forward.

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